The 13 Fruits and Vegetables You Should be Eating

  The 13 Fruits and Vegetables You Should be Eating Eggplant has a high nutritional value making it a good addition to any diet. Eggplant is not just one fruit, but it has more of an ability to adapt and change than other fruits. Daikon radish is a great root crop for the winter. The roots are white and long, yet they taste mild. Daikon radish is often used in Japanese cooking to make popular dishes like gyudon, kimchi, and miso soup. This root vegetable can be grown in both cool or warm climates making it good worldwide. Jackfruit is a famously prolific fruit. It can be eaten fresh, which contains high levels of fiber and protein, or it can be dried. The fruit is also rich in vitamins A, B6 and C. This fruit has been compared to pineapple because of its sweet taste that is often compared to the smell of pineapples. The green pepper is a type of chili pepper specific to the Capsicum genus. It has usually been used either fresh, pickled, or as an ingredient in sauces. Many peopl